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Autumn Energy Saving Tips!

    Its that time of year again to kick the heat on! With the holidays approaching quickly its time to be thrifty. Now is the time to start implementing some “green” ideas before the winter chill sets in. Saving money is the main goal through the holidays, but you also want to live comfortably in your home.

    In a recent article published by we find numerous tips on how to save energy throughout the year. Below are a few tips we gathered to help stay “green” during this beautiful Fall season!

    • Always keep windows and doors tightly shut when running the AC or heater.
    • Turn off kitchen or bath exhaust fans as soon as possible
    • Close the air vents in unused rooms to avoid heating unused spaces.
    • Plan to have your entire heating system inspected by a professional on a regular basis, especially if it’s natural gas
    • Leave the shades wide open during the day, which will allow the sun to heat your interior with natural, free energy.
    • Did you know that an empty fridge uses more energy than a fully loaded one? Probably not. So make sure to keep it stocked and consider filling the freezer with large containers of water.