A fresh coat of paint can make your home gleam! However, there is more to painting than most homeowners think. Beneath are some in depth explanations to mistakes that homeowners frequently make with this popular DIY job…

  1. Choosing the wrong finish
    • The finish that is chosen should correspond to the room’s purpose. Don’t be shy about using a shiny semi-gloss…its more durable and moisture-resistant than flat or matte paints making it ideal for bathrooms and the kitchen. Flat and matte finishes are a better option for high-traffic areas like hallways and kids’ rooms since they allow for easier touchups.
  2. Not paying attention to the room’s undertones
    • Pay close attention to the other elements of the room such as countertops, floors, cabinets, and the fireplace. For example, a warm mahogany hardwood might look strange when paired with a cool grey paint.
  3. Selecting the wrong color of white
    • Although it may not seem like it…white paint comes in many shades. Some are warm and others are cool and neutral. The white you pick should depend on the rooms undertones and finishes. Some homeowners overuse white paint in a home, instead choose a more cream colored white instead to avoid this
  4. Forgetting about whats overhead
    • Ignoring the ceiling when repainting can make the room seem dreary and dirty. Whether you pick a white or a bright color, painting it properly will give you sharp edges across the top and can make wall color pop.
  5. Adding an accent wall in an odd place
    •  Adding an accent color to a wall is a popular move, but homeowners should make sure the effect isn’t bizarre. Accent walls are supposed to attract the eye to beautiful areas of the home, like the dining room or fireplace. The accent wall color should work with the overall color scheme of the room or the house. A paint that is to bright or to bold may be a turnoff to some buyers.