Before listing your home, there are a few quick tasks to undertake to ensure buyers really connect with your property. This is a surefire way to boost interest, which will lead to a quick sale at a price you’ll love. These are simple ideas, but they go a long way when it comes to attracting buyers.

Create a Blank Slate

Every buyer imagines themselves in their prospective home, even if it’s just at a subconscious level. It’s an incredibly important thing to play to, and you can make it much easier for buyers by getting rid of your own unique flair and touches in favor of simple, clean, and malleable decor. Take things off window sills, mantles, any surfaces. Put away photos and keepsakes, which will allow buyers to impart themselves on a home, and will also avoid any feelings of invading a personal space. Additionally, it’ll make your home seem bigger, as well as giving you a simple head start on packing!

Deep Clean

This one may seem like a no brainer, but a sparkling clean home will certainly help drum up interest for your home. By getting to those hard to reach places, you’ll ensure your buyers leave impressed by the home, and won’t be distracted by any dirty areas. When selling a home, it won’t matter if the negative is superficial or concrete, it’ll stick in the buyer’s mind all the same. Organize your pantry, clean your glass, and make sure to dust, and your buyers will be sure to love your space.


Curb appeal counts! The evaluation of your home starts from the moment the buyers set eyes on your home, and showing them how beautiful the exterior can be is a great way to make a good impression. A quick mow and a few plants is always great practice, as is a fresh coat of paint or a new door color. All of these options are on the cheap side, but make a big impact comparatively.

Neutral is Best

If colors are your thing, that’s wonderful! However, your buyer might not be. Whether your rooms are painted a bright color, or maybe you have stunning artwork up, it may be in your best interest to tone everything down. This goes back to de-personalizing your home, even if painting is easy for a buyer to do on their own, it may serve as a detractor and a roadblock to them falling in love.

This is just a piece of some of the expertise I can offer as your realtor, there’s much more to be done! Each home is different, and I can help you to get the most out of your beautiful home.